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HR + Benefits Software

that syncs with your payroll.

Software to streamline your HR, Benefits and Payroll operations


HR, Benefits and Payroll

All-in-one HR and Benefits solution, with sync to your Payroll system

Insynctive is an all-in-one HR solution that vastly simplifies employee management for Benefits Brokers, HR Outsourcers, TPAs and PEOs, and their client companies. Companies can also use the solution on their own. Insynctive combines HR, Benefits, Payroll, and more into a single white-label solution, with additional best-in-class HR products and services provided from our Integrated Apps Marketplace.  

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For Service Providers

Designed for Service Providers and their Employer Clients

Collaborate with employers on everything from benefits enrollment (open enrollment, new hire enrollment, qualifying life events), new employee onboarding, payroll sync, and more.  Insynctive frees you up from inefficient processes so you can focus on maintaining and growing your client list, and on providing superior support and expertise.

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Insynctive Hub and APIs

Built to quickly integrate with other systems using APIs at lightning speed

Insynctive is inherently customizable and made to integrate with other systems. Some of our customers use Insynctive as a hub application, where key data is managed and stored centrally in Insynctive, using our core HR and Benefits functionality. Data is then pushed and/or pulled to other applications and data stores.

HR Onboarding

Create great first impressions for new hires

Insynctive helps ensure your employee onboarding process is organized and efficient. Research shows that effective onboarding has a big influence on whether new hires decide to stay with a new organization during the critical first 6 months of their time on a new job. 

Insynctive's onboarding system can be used to automatically send onboarding tasks to new hires for them to complete on their own time, at their pace. It delivers a great first impression and helps your new employees get off on the right foot. 

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