About Insynctive

It began with the realization that there must be a better way for benefit brokers and HR outsources to provide services to their client companies.

A better way than employees filling out paper forms and manually writing out the same basic information over and over. A better way than administrators having to re-key that same information into other systems by hand. By automating processes such as employee onboarding and benefits enrollment, Insynctive would make selecting benefits and filling out HR forms a whole lot easier for employees and get them back to their real jobs faster. At the same time, we would help everyone involved save time and money.

But more could be done. What if companies could also integrate their payroll system with HR and Benefits? What if they could keep their existing payroll system, or pick whatever system best fit their needs, but still have bi-directional data flow for key elements that are shared between HR and payroll? Insynctive connected HR and benefits admin with payroll, allowing organizations to get to a new level of data integrity, saving time, and reducing errors. 

We weren’t finished. With the rise of mobile devices and apps, employees wanted the same simple and powerful experiences they enjoy as consumers. What if the same effortless experience they have when booking travel or shopping online could extend to benefits enrollment and HR workflows too? We’ve continued to innovate to improve the experiences of all those who have a role in the Insynctive system, from those who provide services to client businesses (benefit brokers and HR outsourcers), those who manage employees (business owners, HR professionals, department managers), and each and every employee, whether they are full time, part time, seasonal workers or contractors.

Our Team

Gary Goldstein
CEO at @Insynctive. Founded BISNet (sold to BenefitStreet). Industry veteran in successful SaaS solutions for the benefits industry. 
Chip Pettibone
Chief Product Officer at @Insynctive. Led product management at Safari Books Online (O'Reilly Media), Clean Power Finance (Spruce Finance), Context Media (acquired by Oracle). Product development veteran of B2C and B2B SaaS solutions used by millions.
Martin Djonov
CTO at @Insynctive. MEAN and .NET full stack developer. Developer of large scalable SaaS solutions and iOS apps. Software Architect at Freelancer.
Michael Gertsch
Advisor at Insynctive.  COO of AIG Company.  Global Financial Services Executive focusing on Digital Transition, Funding, Business Strategy and InsurTech. Has successfully executed global startups, turn-arounds and at-scale in the insurance and technology space In Europe, Asia and the US.
Dan Gravelle
Consulting CFO at @Insynctive. Has served as a Consulting CFO for early and growth stage companies with an emphasis in the SaaS, Healthcare/IT Security, Telecom and Semiconductor sectors
Linda Peterson
Director of HR Advisory Services at @Insynctive. AAAPM, PHR. Director of Operations and Planning at The Henry Levy Group. 
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