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Employer Groups

Integrate your HR and Benefits process with Insynctive’s innovative All-in-One Platform
Partner with Insynctive, Seize the opportunity and scale together!

With Insynctive, you get the best of both worlds: your benefit broker's expertise and service, and an all-in-one platform that enables you, your employees, and your broker to work in harmony together, making everyone more efficient, with lower costs.

Pre-Hire, Onboarding, Through Termination: your way, any way


We provide templates that capture best practices, but employers usually want an onboarding through termination process specific to their needs. No problem. Insynctive is easily configurable to handle any onboarding through termination workflows you can imagine.

Employees are led through a series of tasks for documents that are filled in to review and e-sign the forms, acknowledge documents and countersignatures with workflow, meet federal, state, and local compliance, and whatever else you have planned to ensure their experience with you starts off completely positive from day one. 


Online Benefits Enrollment


We make it easy for employees go through a streamlined and paperless enrollment process for open enrollment, individual enrollment, and qualifying life events.
Once they provide their information, make their elections, and sign electronically, we take it from there. The system fills out the forms, enables broker review, and when approved, the forms (or data, depending on the carrier) is securely transmitted.


Easy access to documents


Employees can easily find their own documents all in one place inside their HR record with the appropriate security and privacy controls. They can also access company and HR documents from a central document dashboard.


CRM, service desk, help desk


We make it easy for employees to get answers to their questions from the person with the answer. This is because we make it easy for your broker, HR outsourcer, internal HR, or managers using the system to answer questions which creates a series of chat chains.
Insynctive comes with a built-in customer service system for dealing with inbound questions and service requests from several channels — in app, email, web, and phone. We also make it easy for employees to help themselves.



Stay compliant with our built-in wizards and workflows that makes it easy for both the employee and the company official to complete documents and store them online in a secure access-controlled repository.  Employees receive and complete their I9s, W4s, company handbooks, federal, state, and local forms which can be presented in a way that is familiar to each company thus emulating their culture. 

Administrators track all progress to completion through a 360° dashboard.


Employee self-service​


Employees fill out, update, and validate their own personal information.  First time users, qualifying life events, enrollments, and terminations are all completed through Insynctive saving others from manual data entry and making mistakes.


Employees also get convenient access to company documents, their own documents, and payroll information through a personalized dashboard. Each employee gets to choose and manage their health benefits online.  When they have a new task from HR or your broker, they are alerted by email. 

Employee life-cycle management​


Insynctive supports the complete life-cycle of your employees during their time with the company. Our suite of pre-built processes and our workflow engine lets you support any HR workflow with any number of participants, including pre-hire, onboarding, termination, annual reviews, pay change approvals, promotions, etc.

Insynctive gives administrators and employees access to a wealth of opportunities in the marketplace to ensure you always have a competitive advantage and can scale with complete confidence.


   Find out how Insynctive’s All-in-One platform can support and maximize your business’s aspirations today!  

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