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Features for Benefits Brokers


We help HR spend time with people, not paperwork...while maximizing ROI on HR technology

Insynctive Levels The Playing Field For Benefit Brokers and Other Service Providers


Set Up & Emulate Comprehensive Employer Plans


Customize Contribution Schemas Around How Much The Employer And Employee Pays


Seamlessly Integrate Disparate Business Systems

Our Core Features

Set Up & Emulate Comprehensive Employee Plans Online

There are trade-offs between offering fully insured health plans, integrated medical cost sharing plans with direct primary care physician type plans.  No matter what employee benefit plans the client chooses, Insynctive delivers with 100% flexibility to customize employee plans in order to minimize risk and maximize benefit options.  

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In 2021, benefit brokers must offer third party solution platforms that are fully integrated solutions in order to effectively compete in the marketplace.  Without offering a fully integrated solution, a benefit broker is left to compete alone against large Payroll Groups and HR Outsource organizations who are offering fully integrated software solutions.  

Our aim with Insynctive, is to level the playing field by forming partnerships with benefit brokers and other service providers to offer fully integrated solutions to employer groups.   


At its core, Insynctive delivers benefit brokers and service providers with an architectural modular framework that can be easily configured around an employer groups particular business needs.   


For example, Insynctive helps employer groups set up unrestricted employee plans, and customize the contribution schemas around how much the employer and employee pays helping them minimize risk and maximize employee benefit.    


The benefit of partnering with Insynctive is we offer a white glove data management service.  Simply put, we oversee the integration and set up processes on behalf of our partners.  For those partners who want to implement their own clients, Insynctive is set up to train them as well.   


Insynctive is architected to deliver a frictionless implementation experience.  Our configurability offers partners the ability to turn features and functionality on and off, delivering true flexibility to our distributors and their clients.  


Are you interested in learning more about partnership opportunities? 


We urge you to schedule a demo here so we can learn more about your particular business needs.  


Seamlessly Integrate Disparate Business Systems Into One Cloud Based Solution

Many businesses maintain disparate systems due to band-aid solutions that wind up creating increasing complexity.  For this reason, many employer groups find it difficult to effectively aggregate all their financial, regulatory, and employee data into one system.  Insynctive offers employer groups an effective solution to cost effectively integrate disparate systems together. . 

Customize Contribution Schemas Around How Much The Employer And Employee Pays. 

Isynctive offers the ability to control pay deductions based on employee classification types.  Through Insynctive, employer groups can customize employee benefits and workflows around varying employee types such as full time & part time, union workers, 1099 contractors, retirees, and gig workers.  No matter how a business scales their operation, Insynctive offers a comprehensive solution.


Leverage Employee Validated Data And Integrate With Third Party Platforms

Insynctive offers customers the ability to effectively leverage their employee validated data for purposes of developing more effective integrated employee benefit offerings.  For example,  employees can take a health risk assessment offering through Insynctive that can then populate a wellness company system.  The wellness company can drive additional information to primary care physicians.  Therefore, the primary care physician knows more about a patient before each visit.  By linking employee validated data with marketplace products and services, employer groups can improve employee health outcomes.  Insynctive’s integration capabilities change the dynamics of healthcare and insurance portions of employee benefit plan packages.

Comply With ACA Filing Requirements Leveraging Robust Automation Software

Healthcare may be extremely regulated, but Insynctive prides itself on simplifying the process for employer groups by ensuring regulatory compliance around the Affordable Care Act.


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