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Meet Our Awesome Clients

We help clients manage documentsbenefits, people, and integrate with third party applications.

Explore How Clients Are Managing & Customizing Document Automation, Benefits Enrollment and Administration, and Integrating with Third Party Marketing Providers
Using The Insynctive Hub


Insynctive integrates into O-miga's payroll system.  We deliver tools to help the organization on-board all new clients using secure log-in portals and customized checklists. 


Insynctive makes it simple for administrators to manage their people and see a birds-eye-view of all their corporate data in one dashboard. 

Modules Usage:

  • Document Automation

  • HRIS

  • Hub Marketplace


California Association of Realtors

RealCare has complex needs requiring members to choose benefit plans, fill out forms, and customize the end-to-end marketing experience.


RealCare leverages Insynctive to automate customized benefit communication, enrollment, & administrative processes for members.


Using Insynctive, RealCare is iteratively improving upon its efficiencies, which helps them communicate, sell, and manage more benefit offerings.

Module Usage:

  • Benefits Administration & Enrollment 

  • Hub Marketplace


Align Health

Over 400+ employees are currently using a white label Align Health (Insynctive) to communicate, enroll, and manage a unique alternative to traditional health insurance and other employee benefit programs.  


Align Health delivers comprehensive alternative benefit packages for businesses, associations, and consumer industries. 

Module Usage:  

  • Benefits Administration

  • Document Automation

  • Hub MarketPlace



OrderUp Health

NFP is a San Francisco Provider delivering benefit packages to varius consumer industries.  Through Insynctive, NFP is able to deliver a turn key e-commerce solution.  

Module Usage:

  • Document automation.

  • Benefits administration

  • Hub Marketplace

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