HR Operations Software for Partners

Solution for Pre-Hire, Onboarding, Benefits Administration, HRIS, Pre-Integrated Payroll & more.

Built for Brokers, TPAs, HR Outsourcers, PEOs and clients

Insynctive is an all-in-one HR solution that vastly simplifies employee management for Benefits Brokers, TPAs, HR Outsourcers, and PEOs, and their client companies. Insynctive combines Benefits, HR software, Payroll, and more into a single white-label solution, with additional best-in-class HR products and services provided from our Integrated Apps Marketplace.  

Modernize the HR operations of your clients 

Compete effectively in the new world of Software-as-a-Service for Benefits, HR and Payroll

Designed for Service Providers and their Employer Clients

A Complete and Flexible System for HR Operations

One Solution for Benefits, HR and Payroll

Collaborate with employers on everything from open enrollment, to life changes, to onboarding new hires, payroll changes, and more.  Insynctive frees you up from inefficient processes so you can focus on maintaining and growing your client list, and on providing superior support and expertise. 

Automate the

Open Enrollment Process

We provide a complete HR Operations System that’s easy to use and covers all the needs for your SMB client employers. One place to handle employee profiles, paperless onboarding, custom checklists,  workflow, document storage, reporting, and more.

Easily manage employee benefits, HR, and Payroll in one central location. We also integrate with a growing list of other related services like benefits quoting, background checks, time & attendance, talent management, eLearning, and other leading payroll services. 

We enable an efficient and paperless open enrollment process for small and large corporations alike.  We make it easy for employees to provide their information and do open enrollment easily.  The system and brokers take it from there. Based on an employees elections the applications are pre-populated for employees to review and eSign.  Carriers who still require PDF applications for their small group plans receive them via our eEnvelopes in HIPAA compliant and secure manner.

Your clients are demanding a cloud-based solution to automate their benefits admin process, with integrated HR and payroll to boot. Stay competitive against the new tech-broker firms that are offering SaaS solutions.

Your Answer to

Broker-Technology Competition

Insynctive is rapidly configurable and deployable, with an administration dashboard designed for service providers managing hundreds of client companies. By using template accounts, our partners are able to deploy a custom-branded Insynctive site for their SMB clients, with all the right settings, in less than an hour. 

Deploy New Clients Quickly with Templates

We can deal with complex rate structures and employer contribution rules. Our rules-based system controls eligibility and waiting periods, ensuring that all employees enroll correctly. 

Handles Complex

Benefits Scenarios

The Insynctive integrated Apps Market lets you and your clients choose best-in-class HR products and services that are fully integrated into our all-in-one platform

Key Integrations with Industry Applications

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